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Lynne Sandri


About Lynne

 ‘The more you appreciate about your past, the richer your experience of the present’

Lynne’s artwork is essentially about time and generational differences.

Her painting’s reveal what home means to her and questions the closely held belief in the idealised ‘Quarter-Acre Dream’ She comes from a family of builders and DIY-ers and was taught that you could never go wrong in owning your own home, and of course, developing and maintaining it your-self. Now that she has a teenager of her own, she’s coming to the conclusion that having a mortgage, DYI attitude, and NO 8 wire mentality are becoming cultural myths.

Lynne experiments with a variety of supports ranging from canvases/wooden rounds, books to light boxes. Many of her paintings are in the shape of a round to reflect that the images of phrases and ways of doing things are cyclical and the notion of what goes around, comes around.

Painting full-time for over 25 years, Lynne's work has been consistently sought after.  Lynne's paintings are held in major private and corporate collections internationally and throughout New Zealand.  Lynne has an established reputation and a history of sell-out shows and commissioned art work.

Lynne has written the 'Art of Museum Hotel' Guide and conducted art tours on behalf of the Hotel.

Lynne's artwork has been selected for inclusion in 'New Zealand's Favourite Artists' book by Denis Robinson and her paintings and studio, in the village of Seatoun was filmed for 'Destination New Zealand' documentary showcasing New Zealand Art.

Other artists she works with include: Sally Burton, Michele Bryant and Jason Hicks.

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