Lynne Sandri Artist 'Sandri's signature is contemporary, bold and incredibly tactile - youwant to reach out and touch it  


Lynne Sandri


Time Collected DNA

Time Collected DNA

Oil paint on Canvas

1300 mm x 900 mm

$5,500 (SOLD)

Takes Time


Oil paints on Lightbox made from Vintage Foxton Fizz box

Size 270 x 390 mm approx

$1,200 (SOLD)

Preserving Jars capturing moments in time.


TIMELESS - Playing Favorites

TIMELESS - All Work and No Play

TIMELESS - Photographic Capture

Oil paint on Canvas

400 mm x 350 mm each

$1,200 each (ALL SOLD)

Quiet Time


Oil paint on Lightbox (Vintage Metal Telephone Box)

150 mm x 315 mm

$1,200 (SOLD)

From chaos to quiet - sometimes you just need a bit ofquiet time out.

Plenty of Time


Two Metal Lightboxes with cut-out backbone X-Rays

Size 200 x 600 mm approx (each)

$1,200 (SOLD)

Each lightbox gives you adifferent reaction. Knowing you have 'Plenty of Time' makes you relaxwhereas 'Limited Time' creates anxiety. It's all the way you look atthings.

Google Map Lightbox

GOOGLE MAP (this is now)

Oil Paint on Lightbox

1950mm x 650 mm

$6,500 (SOLD)

This Bit I Own

This Bit I Own - The Bank Owns the Rest

Heavily Textured Oil paint on Canvas

1400 mm x 1000mm

$5,500 (SOLD)

Blueprint for Happiness

Blueprint for Happiness

Oil paint on Canvas and Board

Three Canvases 300 mm x 900mm (in total)

Each Canvas 300mm x 300mm

$1,950 (SOLD)

Snap and Live

Snap and Live - The Idealised Life

Oil paint on Canvas

Three Canvases

1150 mm x 500 mm (in total)

$2,950 (SOLD)

Memories are Embedded

Memories are Embedded into a Place

Oil paint on Canvas

Five Canvases on purpose built shelf

330 mm x 1550 mm (in total)

$3,500 (SOLD)

The Quarter Acre Story

The Quarter Acre Dream Story

Oil Paint on Wooden Round


$3,950 (SOLD)

Searching for Suburban Paradise

Searching for Suburban Paradise

Oil paint on Canvas

1000 mm x 750mm

$2,950 (SOLD)

The Perfect Lawn

The Perfect Lawn

Oil paint on Wooden Round

1000 mm

$3,950 (SOLD)

Snap and Survive

Snap and Survive - Tools for Surviving Recessions

Oil paint on Canvas and Board

Nine Canvases

300 mm x 300mm each Sold seperately

$550 each


Stories of the Economic Landscape

Stories of the Economic Landscape

Oil paint on Vintage Books on custom made shelves

Nine Books

Sold in sets of three (as shown horizontally)

$1,500 each set of three


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