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Lynne Sandri



Timing is Everything


Oil paint on Canvas

1000 mm x 1000 mm


Home - Reflection of Self

Upon Reflection of Home

Oil paint on Linen

Two Canvases

920 mm x 460 mm (in total)


Time Wordsearch 

'GAME TIME: Scramble'

Oil paints and mixed media painted on game boards and framed in a wooden box (so you feel like you are ready to play the game).

Size 450 x 450 mm approx

$950 (SOLD)

The best game of words all related to the sayings and phrases about time eg, ‘The best of times, the worst of times’, ‘Time is money’, etc.

Timeless - Wellington

'Timeless Questions'

800 mm Textured Oil paints on wooden round


Using the design of the all familiar school chair, this painting raises the ageless question of what one would like to do with oneself when they grow up (some of my most interesting old friends still can’t answer this).

Vintage Wellington   

'Vintage Wellington'

800 mm Textured Oil paints on wooden round


The humble foldout chair found in nearly everyone’s garden ready to catch the rays on that perfect sunny Wellington day and then needing some help (from a sunray lamp) for warmth the next day.

Something Good From History (Rekindle)   


'Something Good From History(Rekindle)'

800 mm Textured Oil paints on wooden round


The time 12.51pm changed Christchurch but as a result an innovative company called ‘Rekindle’ created classic chairs using the weatherboards of demolished homes- ‘No 8 Wire' mentality at its best.

Timeless - Tried and True 

'Tried and True'

800mm wooden round


Classic and trusty designs that seem to pop up everywhere and meet both form and function needs. 


Land of Plenty - Karaka

Land of Plenty - Karaka

Heavily Textured Oil Paints on Wooden Round



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