Lynne Sandri Artist 'Sandri's signature is contemporary, bold and incredibly tactile - youwant to reach out and touch it  


Lynne Sandri


The Quarter-Acre

The Quarter Acre

Oil Paints on 400mm Illuminated Disc

$1,250 (SOLD)

The Perfect Garden

The Perfect Garden

Oil Paints on 400mm Illuminated Disc

$1,250 (SOLD)


........ and Away

Oil Paints on Illuminated Box

700 x 360 mm


My Quarter-Acre World - LawnmowerMy Quarter-Acre World - HouseMy Quarter-Acre World - Lemon Tree

My Quarter Acre World

Oil Paints on illuminated Discs

280mm each

$650 EACH (SOLD)



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Please contact Lynne should you want to enquire about any of these paintings, exhibitions or commissions


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